PAPA 2019

Pachamama And Potatoe Assembly 2019

October 14th 2019, Junkerboden - lots of indigenous stuff

Year after year, a farmer tries to grow potatoes. But every autumn the only thing he pulls out of the ground are stones.

After trying everything he can think of he asks his neighbour, who happens to be a physcist, for advice.

The physcist neigbhour retreats to his balcony and goes into deep tought. But still no answer. He visits conferences, starts his own research group and expends a half a dozen of doctoral students.

Finally, after ten years of intense research he returns to his neighbor and proclaims: "I have the solution! But it only works for spherical mother potatoes in vacuum."

Dear friends,
Dear colleagues,
Dear papaists,

Another year has passed and we look back on many fruitfull endeavours. Let us rejoin and exchange results, fries and sauces.

We cordially invite you to the Pachamama And Potatoe Assembly 2019.

Laura Lerche and Adu O'Hara
The Organisational Comittee


18:00h - Opening Cermony

18:30h - Keynote

Soilbreaking discoveries by Dr. Louis Quinoa.

19:00h - Invited speakers

Prof. Dr. Amy Amaranth - A-pealing and mashing

Hannes Erdenreich, Director of Computers at the Internet Institute - The Sparrow

Further uprooters and soilers to be announced.

20:00h - Conference dinner and socializing


We welcome submissions for talks or facilitation of workshops. Please send your potatosal to Laura Lerche (laura.lerche [at] posteo [dot] de).

Submission dealine is the 13th of October 2019.


I extend my respectful greetings to all attendees, and hope you are all making good progress on your submissions to FRIETS 2020.

- Hannes Erdenreich, Director, Commputers at The Internet Institute
Kindly accept my sincere salutations, well-wishes and blessings for aforementioned PAPA. Have done the needful and given specific consideration to recent developments in potato studies. Shall attach further developments at a later date.

- Dr. Prof. Nigel Sequinox

A merry potatoe and a happy hoe hoe to my friends at the Junkerboden Institute of Independant Studies!

- Santa Claus

Please consider holding a session on bees and honey next year.

- Winnie the Pooh

May I take this opportunity to convey my very best wishes for an effective, successful and productive conference.

- Mr. Potato Head